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How can I help to support you?

The best thing you can do to help us right now is subscribe to our YouTube channel, give our videos a like, and turn on notifications for our channel (YouTube's bell icon). These small actions tell the YouTube algorithm that what we do is worthwhile, and by performing them you will help Backing Jam get enough attention to allow us to continue working on it.

Beyond that, it would be amazing if you could help spread the word by sharing our content (either our YouTube videos or our blog posts and articles) on social media, or even by just mentioning us to a buddy.

Is it important to understand all that analysis?

Not as important as some people would have you believe. However, a basic grasp of harmonic analysis is very useful and can help you: a) learn tunes (especially jazz standards), b) improvise, c) write your own compositions, d) communicate ideas to other musicians, e) come up with new ideas for licks, lines, and improvising approaches.

Learning harmonic theory from scratch can seem a daunting task, especially with the prolific amount of information (much of which is poor) available online. But we can help: we have an extended primer on the subject coming soon. This will be free for all of our existing newsletter subscribers, so sign up now and make sure you don’t miss out!

what is a 'ii v i'?

See the answer above.

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Why can't i comment on your blog posts?

We really want to hear from you about everything, including our blog posts - but for practical reasons we would like to focus the discussion in a limited number of places. Join us on Twitter, and/or Instagram, as well as our YouTube channel, to play a part in the conversation. 

Are your backing tracks protected by copyright?

Yes, all of our music is original and we own the copyright. We would love to see you post clips of yourself playing along to our tracks, and it would be great if you let people know who we are when you do this. If you want to use a track for any other purpose then get in touch and we can work something out.

your chords seem wrong for my instrument!

It might be because you play a transposing instrument, such as a saxophone or trumpet. If that is the case you can easily adjust the written chord progression to fit your instrument's key by following our simple guide

my question isn't answered here!

You can ask us directly by using the form at the bottom of the page.

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